Refund Policy Overview

By making a purchase at Canyon Translation you agree to be bound by the following Refund Policy, please read it thoroughly before placing an order.


If you wish to cancel the project before work has begun or before the translation has been delivered, we offer a partial refund based on the work that has been completed.

Additionally, should you have any issues or concerns, please communicate to us at as soon as possible to ensure that any concerns can be resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Shipping Refunds

We use USPS/FedEx carriers for standard/overnight mailing services and since they are a third party, we do not offer refunds for issues related to their handling of your shipment. We provide a tracking number using which you may contact the carrier directly.

Notary Refunds

Our notary is done in the state of New Jersey. We do not offer refunds once the notary is done.